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Rodney Chews TrueScale 1/24 Jag circa 1988
Welcome to the TrueScale website.

and True Scale Racing Slot Car Bodies are being used throughout the world. Check with your local raceway.




Retro Can-Am Lexan slot car bodies
Various "Approved" Can Am body styles available.
  Retro GT Coupes Lexan slot car bodies
Various "Approved" Gt Coupe body styles available.
  Retro Formula 1 Lexan slot car bodies
Currently 6 "Approved" Formula 1 body styles available.
Scale race cars slot car bodies
Many bodies available for the serious scale builder.
Thingies slot car bodies
TSP will be bringing back those long gone Thingie bodies.
Molds slot car body molds
Many molds available for purchase or custom made.



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TrueScale, TSP, TSR, TSM are all Trademarks of the TrueScale Products since 1986



Drivers included with all 1/24 Retro bodies

Plastic sheets for making your own bodies or other uses.